The western world has lost their connection to the earth, to nature, to natural beauty and wonder.  In the quest for control, westerners have lost the understanding of the interdependence of life and of the miracle of life itself.  This video of Aishophan, a mongolian huntress, is evidence of the amazing ability for minds to connect with each other, across species, space and time.  This connection and ability has shaped the world into a deformation, but it has an inherent ability to do so much more.

We carry ourselves as separate and better than the world that we exist within.  Our hubris has caused so much destruction and sorrow but that is changing now due to this new awareness that we are unified.  There is no separation between us, THAT is the illusion, that is the lie.  We can overcome this illusion through honest harmonization with the world around us and engagement in the wonders of natural beauty.