The Federal Reserve is increasingly taking heat for it's role around the world as the controller of the planetary Reserve Currency and how it is used and abused around the globe.  The introduction of Quantitative Easing (QE) and the fact that interest rates have remained at 0% for over eight years are just two of the many points that need to be addressed by the planetary money makers.  Watch as Rep. Alan Greyson discusses the level of investigation that the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has over the Federal Reserve itself.


"We do not have the ability to go out and audit the fed."

9 trillion dollars in credit has been issued to an unknown individual or individuals since the beginning of what was called the Great Recession but is actually a death spiral .  This works out to $30,000 for every man woman and child in the entire country of the United States.  The Fed inspector cannot name a single action that they have taken to investigate the off balance sheet transactions carried out by the Federal Reserve which now total over 9 trillion dollars.  No one at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of the losses incurred in what is an over 2 trillion dollar portfolio.

Inspector General Coleman hasn't really got a grasp on her position if you watch the video, or better yet watch it so you will have an understanding of how flimsy this position really is.  The Fed is an obviously fraudulent operation and has even been branded a ponzi scheme by many people worldwide.

Video Courtesy of Clayton Traylor and be sure to look them up.

To understand more of how and why this would happen listen to Ben Bernanke explain the international monetary transfers that happen to keep interest rates down across the globe.  According to Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act this type of activity is completely legal.

Rep. Grayson goes on to completely eviscerate Ben Bernanke and his position on the FOMC and causes him to recall the Federal Reserve Act as a defense for handing out 500 Billion dollars to foreign countries.  An unknown part of the Financial crisis was to prop up the international money markets in order to keep the currency working properly.   This should never have been allowed to happen and will come back to haunt the Federal Reserve Bank in many ways.  The continual filling of this black hole of money can only happen with a productive economy that is issued from sound credit, not financial speculation.  Going back to a sound money system is the key to maintaining a prosperous nation, as it was in the days of Hamilton, so shall it be again.

The leading economist and future forward thinker Lyndon Larouche has Developed Four Laws to Save the US from what is otherwise a certain destruction, they implementation of these is almost the only thing to save the current status quo of our current standard of living for another generation.