In certain circles there is the reality stricken notion that there is no real recovery among the majority of Americans in the US at this time.  Because the system is perfectly bankrupt and printing money due to a derivative black hole that is pulsar beaming fun tickets out of its deepest vaults at a rate only a BRIC can stop.  The bail-in has begun and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have a real chance of making a gain in a global world relative to a fiat US dollar world reserve currency.   They have even started their own Bank for International Settlements which several prominent European countries have pledged to cooperate with to the chagrin of the US.

With the Euro on the ropes and the big banks richer than ever, but more heavily indebted to the derivative bubble than ever, corporate politicians have created a plan to take regular bank depositors money in the event of a total collapse of the system, what's known as a bail-in.

The US has seen the oil shale boom fizzle but is still experiencing low prices and relatively high jobs so it’s easy money right? The stock market is up, jobs higher, gas down, we are winning! But not so fast, we have to remember that this is easy money, we are PRINTING it through the QE process and are ready for a tailored landing for sure if we don’t confront the issue of banks investing shareholder assets in derivatives.  This is an important bill because derivatives are not backed by real value, but only by perceived value until the contract expired, so they essentially are a bet, upon a bet, not a real asset. A derivative of an asset, with nothing to back it up except depositors funds and we are all out of money. 

Enter: Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Oh.) who last year introduced legislation—HR 381—to reinstate the Glass Steagall Act which was repealed by President Clinton.  The bill had an initial 16 co-sponsors and made it up to 43 as of last check but stalled in committee. A similar bill was introduced into the US Senate last session, by Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wa.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), and Angus King (I-Vt.) and must be again filed immediately.

Although I am not a big fan of John ‘Arm the Rebels’ McCain, somehow he hit it right on this crap shoot.

There is something like a $2 Quadrillion derivative bubble right now, which if it were to implode, maybe on you know falling commodity prices like hmmm say, OIL(!), there could be real savings soaked dry.  An asset crash makes a derivative bubble burst.

President Ronald Reagan's cabinet member and leading political analyst of our day, Lyndon LaRouche observed that we are ‘entering into a period in which the revolt against Wall Street can erupt into a force for revolutionary policy change.’  LaRouche emphasized, now with Bernie Sanders running for president the issues are more important that ever for the majority of Americans' and by extension the world's citizens.

"We are on the edge of that kind of sudden, revolutionary shift." according to LaRouche.

The Swiss National Bank decoupled from the euro, and immediately went up by 40 percent in value against the euro before slightly falling back. According to, this is signaling a turn toward real value and sound currency backed by assets.

‘The Swiss know that the euro is doomed in the coming days, with the anticipated European Central Bank announcement next Thursday of a typhoon-like 'quantitative easing' program and the change in Greek government following elections that could signal the end of the euro system altogether.’ said Mr. LaRouche.

What is the Cause?

One major cause is the collusion between big banks and government as emphasized by whistle-blowers a plenty in the past few years.  During the Clinton Era, the bank lobbyists won a major victory in the fight to scoop up more and more profits, and the thin line between depositors money and investment capital at your local bank was rolled back like the sun roof on a lexus. Another major cause is the derivative bubble that is being created as we speak.  People are placing bets on contracts and not on real value items.  Not corn, the contracts on corn which is already under contract. Or, not debt, collateralized debt, a pool of money owned en masse, that could crash when people cant pay their bills cause they cant stay hired in the oil field for example.

The Solutions?

According to and the Schiller Institute that Lyndon LaRouche helps coordinate, “There is no recourse but to reinstate Glass-Steagall as Step One of the Hamiltonian revival that is the only viable solution. “  

He actually has a 4-step plan to save the US and it involves a large part of this Glass-Steagall act and a few other leading trends of political science through the Schiller Institute including investment in the BRICS economy and even a re-tuning of instruments back into the Vivaldi Tuning on the international level, a man of science and knowledge Mr. Larouche surely is.

As they hold a meeting this week(Jan 2015) we can expect heavy fireworks from the firebrand economist and political theorist whose ideas on the #ParisShootings is unique if not entirely accurate.

In comments on other matters he summarized and ‘… contrasted this capitulation and fear to the brave stance taken by the French in reaction to last week\'s terrorist attacks in Paris. Holland and France were targeted because they are breaking from the British-led war drive against Russia, and are being joined by other more sane Europeans who are pushing for a revival of cooperation with Russia that is the only war-avoidance option and the only way to solve some of the most pressing problems in the world today—including the menace of terrorism and asymmetric warfare coming from the Anglo-Saudi monarchies.’

It is in this context that the Saturday afternoon event for the Schiller Institute’s Manhattan Conferences is of historic importance.

In the Congress, chances have probably dried up for now that his bill will see the light of day.  But with 43 co-sponsors it is on it\'s way to being debated in the next session as things worsen for normal people and get extravagant for a richer few, the people will be speaking up and demanding this legislation, especially if it goes so far as to become asset forfeiture from bank liabilities for regular working class people.   

Read the house bill here.

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