Information from Nasa's Goddard NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, shows the concentrations of Carbon being released into the atmosphere.  It is an alarming video that shows just how much we are creating an imbalance through outdated technology.  We are here to help change that




We are all aware of Nicola Tesla and his many Free Energy Devices and they are about to be unleashed through many different avenues at once in order to turn the tides and take back the grid.  There's even kid geniuses that are picking up the reigns for the rest of us.

This Kid Max just copied Nicola Tesla's Free Energy Device for a little power, but shows the potential.  The local TV Station did a pretty nice interview.  

“He created an electro-magnetic harvester out of a coffee can, some wire, two coils, and a spoon.”


This type of technology has been around for ages, and known to the modern world for at least the last 75 years.  The technology may have been at the center of the real reasons for WW2, the knowledge of anti gravity, and Free Energy.

But for now, we may just have to duck from killer robots.

These guys here at the FEP and others are showing that there's a way out of the madness, and that we can actually empower people while re-charging the planet and the economy. Click the banner to check out their FB page.

Free Energy is available and achievable
Free Energy is available and achievable