The energy wars have overtaken nearly every part of the globe.  Although there are many ways to alleviate the need for oil and poverty and war, there seems to be too many people profiting from it at the moment for it to stop.  Not everyone is so greedy.  Simon Pegg, a British actor, recently put out a call to stop the bombing in Yemen and to end the global arms trade to the Saudi Coalition partners.



Since the late 80's, the British and Saudi Royal families have had a secret agreement called Al Yamadah, which was essentially an oil for arms bargain that has allowed covert actions and terror to spread across the globe, while they benefit.  The disorder and chaos are only capitalized upon by these ruthless clans, the crimes commited to ensure their dominion over the earth.  It surely will not last.

If these royal families could see in their hearts, the pain and suffering that is being waged in their names, and truly understand the deep dishonor it is bringing upon their presence and family names at this time in history, then maybe things would change.  For now, it is up to the strong and brave people of the world to speak up and out concerning the matters of importance.   There are no MSM voices speaking up, in order to protect the war machine.  In order to continue the control and lies.  The real terrorists are the armed forces waging wars in foreign lands for corporate gain, and the multi-headed dragon will be slain eventually.

For now, schools hospitals and food supplies have all been bombed, and 1.5 million children are being malnourished in Yemen.  By allowing these bombs to fall we are complicit in this crime against humanity.

If you are able to share this message and awareness of this severe issue we can collectively change the outcome.  The time is now to bring the atrocity to a halt with a lasting impact, we need to get the aid there quickly to ward off the hunger that is facing so many people in this war torn area.   While the world outrage concerning journalist Jamal Koshoggi is still reverberating, we need to not get distracted by the inhumanity that these citizens of yemen are experiencing.

The western world has lost their connection to the earth, to nature, to natural beauty and wonder.  In the quest for control, westerners have lost the understanding of the interdependence of life and of the miracle of life itself.  This video of Aishophan, a mongolian huntress, is evidence of the amazing ability for minds to connect with each other, across species, space and time.  This connection and ability has shaped the world into a deformation, but it has an inherent ability to do so much more.

We carry ourselves as separate and better than the world that we exist within.  Our hubris has caused so much destruction and sorrow but that is changing now due to this new awareness that we are unified.  There is no separation between us, THAT is the illusion, that is the lie.  We can overcome this illusion through honest harmonization with the world around us and engagement in the wonders of natural beauty.

Financing a real recovery is going to take more than just adding user fees to interstate highway projects.  President Elect Trump would do well to listen to the organization that is single handedly pulling the United States up from the doldrums, one piece of legislation at a time.

What is it that really connects us all on so many levels? Why is it that some people have more than others, generationally? Throughout history there has been a tight grip on the exchange of value, and how it is created and operates has changed in the last century to be one that is fundamentally unproductive and unfair.  Judge Andrew Napoliltano goes over some of the history of money in this short piece from LiberyPen.

The Federal Reserve is increasingly taking heat for it's role around the world as the controller of the planetary Reserve Currency and how it is used and abused around the globe.  The introduction of Quantitative Easing (QE) and the fact that interest rates have remained at 0% for over eight years are just two of the many points that need to be addressed by the planetary money makers.  Watch as Rep. Alan Greyson discusses the level of investigation that the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has over the Federal Reserve itself.


"We do not have the ability to go out and audit the fed."

9 trillion dollars in credit has been issued to an unknown individual or individuals since the beginning of what was called the Great Recession but is actually a death spiral .  This works out to $30,000 for every man woman and child in the entire country of the United States.  The Fed inspector cannot name a single action that they have taken to investigate the off balance sheet transactions carried out by the Federal Reserve which now total over 9 trillion dollars.  No one at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of the losses incurred in what is an over 2 trillion dollar portfolio.

Inspector General Coleman hasn't really got a grasp on her position if you watch the video, or better yet watch it so you will have an understanding of how flimsy this position really is.  The Fed is an obviously fraudulent operation and has even been branded a ponzi scheme by many people worldwide.

Video Courtesy of Clayton Traylor and be sure to look them up.

To understand more of how and why this would happen listen to Ben Bernanke explain the international monetary transfers that happen to keep interest rates down across the globe.  According to Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act this type of activity is completely legal.

Rep. Grayson goes on to completely eviscerate Ben Bernanke and his position on the FOMC and causes him to recall the Federal Reserve Act as a defense for handing out 500 Billion dollars to foreign countries.  An unknown part of the Financial crisis was to prop up the international money markets in order to keep the currency working properly.   This should never have been allowed to happen and will come back to haunt the Federal Reserve Bank in many ways.  The continual filling of this black hole of money can only happen with a productive economy that is issued from sound credit, not financial speculation.  Going back to a sound money system is the key to maintaining a prosperous nation, as it was in the days of Hamilton, so shall it be again.

The leading economist and future forward thinker Lyndon Larouche has Developed Four Laws to Save the US from what is otherwise a certain destruction, they implementation of these is almost the only thing to save the current status quo of our current standard of living for another generation.


The reality of power of natural forces is evident all around us in myriad ways.  Although for centuries the Economic power structure has created and benefited from a capitalist system that suppresses the renewable aspects of power generation, the time has come for the masses to have their own sources of energy and power generation.   The Free energy devices we see in the world are to one day come to the masses in new and exciting ways.  Promoted by the Free Energy Party, among others, the new awareness that energy is everywhere will change our way of life.

Although much has been suppressed, the technology is oozing from the background, making headwaves in the sea of space, using the forces of nature.  Magnetism is a powerful force and the fields of the earth can power our homes and vehicles and personal devices if Big Oil and Industry get out of the way.  Do not be fooled by the 'current situation' the time has come to OVERCOME. 

Peace will prevail, and hope is the spark to light the fire of prometheus, raising our vibrations and our hearts to the heavens. is Future Focused News that you won't find anywhere else! With the New Awareness that we are a world body, resonating in a quantum field of global sub conscious awareness, global power structures are beginning to crumble into a decentralized form of truly democratic design.  

While the mainstream media would like to keep us in the material presence for consumeristic gain there are many turning to new avenues, a feeling awareness that something is dis-ingenuine, and an inner knowing that there is a way out of the madness.  Having an Eyes Wide Open view toward what is happening in the news is key to maintaining a sense of the relative, and to stay grounded.  We are bridging the spiritual divide to give you an insight like you have never imagined into the underlying unified field and how the secret government does not want you to know what power you can tap into with your will!

Collectively we face a daunting future that is most certainly designed to keep the masses trembling in fear of their projected 'enemies', keep mindlessly consuming the media, mayham and money with nary a look up from the trough, but the rumble has become a stammer.  The people of the world are demanding real change and justice as never before.  The drive to peace, and to end suffering of all people's, environments, and living systems will only become stronger as we move into a new time of inner listening and striving for truth, beauty, and justice for every person on the planet.

Join me, Electra Weaver, as I report from the overground, on the transitions and changes that are shaping the future of life on this planet and in the cosmos, as we transition into a new age of spiritual harmony.