The 9/11 Truth Movement is quickening at an exponential pace thanks to the work of a few brave men and women, among them Diane Sare of Larouche PAC.  In this video Ms. Sare lays out the case for the families of 9/11 and the justice that they deserve and that the world so desparately needs at this time.

Over 15 years ago, 2,996 Americans were murderd in a hideous crime that was perpetuated by high level operatives from a major ally foreign country(Saudi Arabia and others) and covered up by the Alphabet Agencies.  We know this because of a highly classified 28 pages that has been obfuscated and kept from the American public, that has been called for release by several senators and congressmen.

There is no other way than to use the truth and beauty of the classical arts and begin to transform our society from one of deception, manipulation and falsities, to the elegant, proud future that we all deserve in the world through our human creativity and ingenuity.



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