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The brain responds differently to the different types of meditation that are known and handed down to us from the ancient traditions.  The effects of meditation are many, including better editing capabilities! (lol - ed.)Neurologists have studied for years how the brain waves are altered by meditation and help to strengthen abilities like memory, focus and calmness. Here, we listen to Dr. Robert Schneider discuss what they found studying three traditional techniques.

Different brain wave states correspond to different levels of awareness, that is the key to survival, being aware.  Nowadays, in our time, it is much more important to be mindful, the practice of observing your thoughts and mental processes without judgement, and observing and controlling the breath.  Our connection to our bodies is completed in a self-referential way that expands the feelings of grounded-ness and peace, an important activity right now for transforming our planet from the current state of distress and toward what we would like to see, peace on earth and real goodwill toward all people.

Here is a quick info-graphic of brain waves and their correlating states of awareness:

Brain Waves and their states of awareness - Neural Recovery
Brain Waves and their states of awareness - Neural Recovery