Modern Franken Foods, Fertilizers and Pesticides have built up in our bodies most vulnerable Systems - the Organs

Our bodies have been thrashed by the chemical cocktails we consume, there are many ailments that result from the build up over time of these artificial dietary options, and there are natural ways to combat today's modern diet.  Therapeutic herbs are natures way of changing the cell health of your body and to help cleanse and renew your organs. Consider this from
Detox your body - through each organ
Detox your body - through each organ

Our bodies are complex inter-dependent matrices of what is actually a bio-crystal, similar to LED and OLED technologies, but obviously increased coherence of standing waves, in the forms of the organs, limbs and the structures of our anatomy.  The ways that the organs inter-operate has been studied for centuries and since the beginning of what could be called 'healthcare' in any way.  Throughout that time man has found that certain types of differnet foods are good for maintaining or re-aligning balance in personal health and wellness.


Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Five Elements
Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Five Elements and the Organs have a dynamic interplay

Recognizing the patterns and potentials of the natural environment was integral to Humans becoming what we are as a World Body today, and in many ways we have lost this basic understanding through the drive toward modern methods of health, which doesn't always include wellness due to the fact that repeat customers are good for business.

Due to the fact that Doctor and Hospital caused illness has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, people are turning to less invasive natural methods of obtainng similar or better results for symptoms related to modern ills.  The past has seen insurance turn away Complimentary and Alternative Care solutions but every day more and more Fortune 500 and Big Corporations including Insurance Companies are seeing the lower costs from regular Preventative Health modalities like Massage, Acupuncture, Herbalists, Nutrionists and more.

This trend will only continue to grow as we discover more about our cell membrane interaction with the complex molecules that are involved in the health of the various plants that are used in food, tintures and other forms of healing everday.  These 'essential Oils' have been used for centuries and are being vindicated for their neurological and therapeutic effects, among them some everyday needs like reduced anxiety, better sleep memory aid and more.