This hard hitting film exposes the suppression of free energy as well as the use of it by what is essentially a 'deep state' defense sector hell bent on keeping the true origins of mankind and our place in the cosmos a secret for monetary gain and exploitation.  It is a must see flick for anyone wanting to get up to speed on the latest understanding of how we are being manipulated by big government and also how disclosure is slowing leaking out and becoming more well known.  Enjoy this movie from Dr. Steven Greer where they discuss the results of an autopsy on a miniature humanoid body that may not share our human DNA. 

The library of Congress is the World's leading repository of information, comparable to the ancient Library at Alexandria in the Greco-Roman era.  They have put together a series of videos to bring us up to speed on our universal awareness and cosmological understanding to the present day.

Physicists have discovered the tools we use today to understand the world as we know it.  Most of Science fiction is possible according to Michio, consider this piece on the Grand Theory of Everything - The Unified Field Theory