The Secret Space Program(SSP) came through reverse engineered UFO technology out of Germany in the 1930's and development of the technology since then on bith sides of the globe.  The completely new history is coming from leaks from individuals in the SSP and sheds light on why we haven't gone back to the moon or made it further into the solar system since the 1960's.  With this knowledge comes the freedom from the script of ignorance that has been purposely put in place by the 'Controllers' that consist of the Ancient bloodline families here on earth and their allies from beyond the galaxy.  The technology came from the work of Victor Shauberger that understood vortex energy and through telepathic meetings with higher level beings that produced a transfer of technology to the Nazi's.  The term 'Foo Fighters' refers to this technological capability that Allied force Pilots observed while fighting in the skies over Europe in the 1940s.  The 'Anti-Gravity' tech has allowed SAP program reps to travel through the Solar System to discover the true history of our origins and the building that happened over millenia.  Watch this Video by David to understand the big questions like, Who are We, What are we doing? and Where are we going? As a species and form of consciousness in the galaxy and Cosmos.

David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries | Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil


David goes on to discuss the Prime Directive that explains the we are by necessity, seperated from the higher tech beings and is called Law of One material.  This video is a giant 'Data Download' that changes the scenery for humans and the beings of the galaxy.  

It turns out, the Earth is a type of Rehabilitation Colony for beings that have been negative forces through history.  The Avians, the Reptilians, the Insectoids, and more are all types of Hominids that inhabit the galaxy and Solar system.  These ttypes have been in the galaxy for a long time, almost twice as long or more as humans have been developed and have inhabited the Earth.   Stories of giants and huge skeletons that come to us from mythology may have a basis in historical truth as many sizes of skeletons have been unearthed and whos knowledge has been suppressed to protect the narrative that we are alone in the Universe, which spurs observation and continued seeking of knowledge instead of blind worship to 'Gods' from the sky.  The massive structures in Kumaran, Egypt that are scaled for larger beings are an example of this type of building and Architecture that was constructed in Anceint times.

Ancient Structures built by and for Giants?
These oversized structures were built by our Progenitors and may exist throughout the solar system and Galaxy

Much of this work has been uncovered by Richard Hoagland, Mark Carlotto and other insiders that have been allowed to disseminate this info from the Special Access Programs that are at the heart of the Secret Space Program. Most people are familiar with the structures on Mars that resemble pyramids and even a humanoid face that have been discovered and disseminated to begin the disclosure taking place. The theory is that the modern day asteroid belt was actually a Super-Earth planet that was destroyed in a great cosmic war by the enemies of this castaway civilization and that the remnants of that group made it to Mars to subsequently build these structures many tens of thousands of years ago.

The NAzis were reportedly on MArs in the 1930's and 40's, and presently have up to 200,000 people there, of whom about 10,000 were born on Earth.  Henry Deagan was an early insider that discussed the underground civilization that recolonized the surface and built the structures that have been downplayed by the so called experts in the front facing agencies of NASA and the ESA(European Space Agency).  

This occured after the destruction of the 'Fourth Planet' known as Elektra(!), or Tiamat, which was taken out by forces of the Galactic Federation, because the Progenitors were a castaway civilization that was attempting to rebuild.


"The monuments of Mars" by Richard Hoagland

The law of One book

"Our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat outside of this world, and yet I ask you, is not an alien force already among us?  - Ronald Reagan

Hisotry is recorded by a series of observers, none of whom are impartial.

David Wilcox is back at it, revealing the far out truth that humans have been colonizing the cosmos for over 70 years and that the deep space program that Corey Goode and others have talked about is genuine and real.  According to Wilcox, the germans had a settlement on the moon, and on Mars since 1939.  Aliens have powered down nuclear stations, 2.3 trillion dollars are missing from the DoD as noted by Donald Rumsfeld.   "This money is going into Deep Underground Military Bases and secret space programs using technology far beyond what most of us can even imagine.

"We put together programs that went all the way out into the galaxy, not just this galaxy."-- William Tompkins

This film, according to Wilcox, is the "Red Pill" that wakes you up to what is actually happening on the earth.

"At some point this is all going to break open."

"The more you get involved, the comprimised you become, they may actually kill you." - David Wilcox

This hard hitting film exposes the suppression of free energy as well as the use of it by what is essentially a 'deep state' defense sector hell bent on keeping the true origins of mankind and our place in the cosmos a secret for monetary gain and exploitation.  It is a must see flick for anyone wanting to get up to speed on the latest understanding of how we are being manipulated by big government and also how disclosure is slowing leaking out and becoming more well known.  Enjoy this movie from Dr. Steven Greer where they discuss the results of an autopsy on a miniature humanoid body that may not share our human DNA. 

The library of Congress is the World's leading repository of information, comparable to the ancient Library at Alexandria in the Greco-Roman era.  They have put together a series of videos to bring us up to speed on our universal awareness and cosmological understanding to the present day.