Understanding the connection between the Body and the Mind - the Body-mind

The body-mind is a new paradigm concept that through our nervous system we are completely connected to our entire being instead of the mind and body operating as separate entities. A dualistic way of thinking arose among philosophers and thought leaders of the past that brought on a mechanical way of looking at the world and it’s natural systems. Rene Descartes is famous for the statement “I think, therefore I am” which gave way to the theory of ‘mind body dualism’. This 17th century idea still largely governs the classical medical profession to this day.

Dualism states that the mind and the body are distinct states of being , that the mind is separate from its physical processor, the brain, and is a non-physical phenomenon identified with consciousness and self-awareness. This has led to a mode of thinking that disconnects the effects of food, toxins, neurotransmitter imbalances and the gut in helping to maintain mental health.

Based on the emerging science of Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), the body-mind is a unification concept that has psychological, therapeutic and medical implications. It recognizes that the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all interrelated and dynamic, noting that what happens in one aspect of the being will have an effect on the other parts. Discovered by Dr Robert Ader and Nicholas Cohen in 1975, and further advanced by Dr. Candace Pert and the National Institutes of Health, PNI has led to many exciting discoveries about the complex human organism and its levels of integration.

The molecules of our thoughts and feelings, our emotions, are deposited and stored in our cells, all along the nervous system in tiny packets of chemical memory. The reliving of emotional trauma and re-experiencing of emotions may be related to this psycho-neuro transmitter type activity in the nervous system although that remains speculation as of this moment. This has opened up the Somato-psychic, Psycho-somatic dichotomy that existed for so long in the related health fields that states that everything is either mind over matter and psychosomatic, or conversely that it is somato-psychic where the body rules the mind space.

This unified thinking has led to some breakthroughs in health and wellness awareness and in the science of addiction recovery. Now it is recognized that emotions and feelings cause distinct chemical changes in the body, and that the health of the digestive system can help to alter the thinking and mood, a true mind-body connection. The age old concept of "You are What You Eat" is being re-discovered through this fascinating science.  This has also bolstered the support for alternative therapies that make you feel good and help to reset the imbalances caused by the stresses of life.

Many Alternative Health Practioners have been utilizing Holistic Therapies for a number of years to help clients break the chains of addiction  and over come the mental barriers in athletics, performance artistry and people's everyday health.  Body-mind therapies include Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Eye Movement Desensitization Response and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as Acupuncture, and Bodywork. Therapies that incorporate a Body-mind approach address emotional intelligence and are often considered right hemisphere oriented which is thought to be closely related to the heart and the autonomic nervous system. Group ‘Talking Circles’, body work, movement education and more assist individuals to overcome their limitations and become their most full potential.  Whether that is in overcoming an abusive background, breaking from addiction, training to the next level, quitting smoking or any important goal, the integration of your multi-leveled aspects are found in your connection to sources of food, and qualities of information.  You will know what is good for You, by how it feels.


What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy




Lab rats 'acquire sixth sense' using an implant into the brain that did not alter normal function.

US researchers have effectively given laboratory rats a "sixth sense" using an implant in their brains.

An experimental device allowed the rats to "touch" infrared light - which is normally invisible to them. The rats had no reduction in their ability to "feel" things as a result.  Scientists at Duke University suited the rats with an infrared detector wired up to microscopic electrodes that were implanted in the part of their brains that processes tactile information.

The researchers say that, in theory at least, a human with a damaged visual cortex might be able to regain sight through a device implanted in another part of the brain.  The finding that neuro-plasticity exists within the brain is a very important step to creating an artificial one.

Lead author Miguel Nicolelis said this was the first time a brain-machine interface has augmented a sense in adult animals. In addition,  “This is the first paper in which a neuro-prosthetic device was used to augment function” Eric Thomson from Duke University responded.

The experiment also shows that a new sensory input can be interpreted by a region of the brain that normally does something else without changing the original functioning of that part of the brain.

"We could create devices sensitive to any physical energy," said Prof Nicolelis, from the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. "It could be magnetic fields, radio waves, or ultrasound. We chose infrared initially because it didn't interfere with our electro-physiological recordings."  His implication is that in the future, Cyber-nauts could plug in for extra sensory abilities, to augment the human system.  The cyborg future just got a whole lot brighter.


Meta-wire the Brain

Researcher Eric Thomson continued: "The philosophy of the field of brain-machine interfaces has until now been to attempt to restore a motor function lost to lesion or damage of the central nervous system. "This is the first paper in which a neuro-prosthetic device was used to augment function - literally enabling a normal animal to acquire a sixth sense."

In the experiments, the researchers created a test chamber with three light sources that could be switched on randomly.

They taught the rats to choose the active light source by poking their noses into a port to receive a sip of water as a reward. They then implanted the micro-electrodes, each about a tenth the diameter of a human hair, into the animals\' brains. These electrodes were attached to the infrared detectors.

The researchers then put the animals back into the test chamber. At first, the rats scratched at their faces, indicating that they were interpreting the lights as a feeling of touch. But after a month, the animals learned to associate the signal in their brains with the infrared source. Soon, they began to search actively for the signal, eventually achieving perfect scores in tracking and identifying the correct location of the invisible light source.

One key finding was that enlisting the touch cortex to detect infrared light did not reduce its ability to process touch signals.

The cells maintained the original ability, and incorporated the new 'feeling sense' as stimuli.  This has great implications for trans-humanists, because the need for healthy brain tissue is key for continuance of the life-form, any live brain matter could be re-wired ad still retain function.  Better than any known RAM chip out there that has been disclosed so far.

The results of the study were published in Nature Communications journal.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21459745

Modern Franken Foods, Fertilizers and Pesticides have built up in our bodies most vulnerable Systems - the Organs

Our bodies have been thrashed by the chemical cocktails we consume, there are many ailments that result from the build up over time of these artificial dietary options, and there are natural ways to combat today's modern diet.  Therapeutic herbs are natures way of changing the cell health of your body and to help cleanse and renew your organs. Consider this from Herbs-info.com
Detox your body - through each organ
Detox your body - through each organ
Sources Herbs-info.com

Our bodies are complex inter-dependent matrices of what is actually a bio-crystal, similar to LED and OLED technologies, but obviously increased coherence of standing waves, in the forms of the organs, limbs and the structures of our anatomy.  The ways that the organs inter-operate has been studied for centuries and since the beginning of what could be called 'healthcare' in any way.  Throughout that time man has found that certain types of differnet foods are good for maintaining or re-aligning balance in personal health and wellness.


Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Five Elements
Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Five Elements and the Organs have a dynamic interplay

Recognizing the patterns and potentials of the natural environment was integral to Humans becoming what we are as a World Body today, and in many ways we have lost this basic understanding through the drive toward modern methods of health, which doesn't always include wellness due to the fact that repeat customers are good for business.

Due to the fact that Doctor and Hospital caused illness has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, people are turning to less invasive natural methods of obtainng similar or better results for symptoms related to modern ills.  The past has seen insurance turn away Complimentary and Alternative Care solutions but every day more and more Fortune 500 and Big Corporations including Insurance Companies are seeing the lower costs from regular Preventative Health modalities like Massage, Acupuncture, Herbalists, Nutrionists and more.

This trend will only continue to grow as we discover more about our cell membrane interaction with the complex molecules that are involved in the health of the various plants that are used in food, tintures and other forms of healing everday.  These 'essential Oils' have been used for centuries and are being vindicated for their neurological and therapeutic effects, among them some everyday needs like reduced anxiety, better sleep memory aid and more.

Integraton is a magical place that can transform your life.  Sound healing has been around for centuries, and is now being recognized by the mainstream culture because of it's non invasive nature and it's amazing healing properties.  In addition, this dome is built on an intricate Vortex of magnetism that has been documented by scientists and is as yet unexplained.  

Built by George Van Tassel , it was promoted by the somewhat famous spiritual guru Yogananda and has been an occasional pop culture spot over the years. Now,it is open to the public for sound healing retreats and meditations.  This intimate interview reveals what the structure means and some of the history of who built it.


This 'rejuvenation machine' was called a tabernacle, an anti-gravity device and an anti-aging machine by it's creator Mr. George Van Tassel.  It is an amazing space that can alter the way you view the elements and nature's wisdom, and even the universal cosmic design.

Van Tassel took 8 years to build the structure and it is made from materials, noted in ancient scriptures, as having healing and sacred meaning and qualities. 

This place is very rare and special, and is visited by neuro-scientists and physicists:

"Its like being inside of a giant cello" 

"I know that sound is the most original way for humans to move beyond their human experience.  It is the experience of the all one field." 

This transcendant awareness calls us all, its called having access, whether its to a greater part of ourselves, or to a greater awareness of the universal wonder, and awareness that lives and thrives and is contained the expression of the mind field.  

"its when you are looking in between the frames, seeing in between the frames" is how it was described in this short, informational piece.  Be sure to watch this video and others describing the new awareness that sound has healing and health amplication effects.



Android Chick, Don't you wanna?The future of medicine is data driven.

Let's face it - life is a race against time. As we face another year of poor TV, poor people and just well, being poor, we can morbidly face our own mortality or we can can work to preserve a lasting legacy.  Many people would rather die gracefully, enjoying an eventual decline, but there are many whom are willing to fight time with every tool they have and that;'s where we see the future of medicine today.  In the age old race to beat old age, the following are 5 major trends in Bio-Tech Medicine that will come about in 2016.

1. Precision Medicine

Building off of recent genome therapy discoveries, targeted medicine is based on a specific gene sequence or another specific variant unique to an individual. Because of the vast amounts of genomic data that is being collected, doctors are becoming able to understand why certain medications or treatments work for some people and not others.

“We’re drowning in data. Sitting in that data are the next drugs, the next therapeutics and the next diagnostics, waiting for us to find them,” says Atul Butte, MD, Ph.D, director of the UCSF Institute for Computational Sciences.

What this means for the future of medicine is less harmful treatments and quicker diagnosis of issues, something we could all benefit from, especially those of us that are alive and kicking on Obamacare.

Pinpoint the problemright here is where you went wrong sir



2. Lab grown Organoids will accelerate disease research

In the near future, like tomorrow, we will use our own cells for drug testing and treatment discovery.  Animal testing can only take us so far into the insights of the human body.  This is, of course, better than animal testing if you are covered for the procedure.  If not? well ahh... just take the blue pill you will be fine. 

“There are human aspects of brain diseases that just aren’t captured by animal models," says Arnold Kriegstein, MD, Ph.D, director of Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research. "I think patient-derived organoids are exactly what the field needs to understand what makes humans different and lead us towards cures.” 


Using stem cells, medical science will find out how your body and specifically your cells react to any given medication


3. Medical Science will diversify 

“Minorities are under-represented in clinical studies," says Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH, professor of bio-engineering. "We cannot reduce the burden of these diseases without addressing science’s diversity problem.”

It seems that the medical professionals have mostly focused on the people of caucasian persuasion, no real inquiry so far on many of the other types of people in the world.  This is going to dramatically change.  The more we understand about the human genome, the more we will find individuated solutions to our medical problems.


4. Targeted drug delivery will breach the blood brain barrier

“For years, neurologists have wrestled with a quandary: Do drugs for certain brain conditions fall short because they’re ineffective, or do they simply fail to cross the blood-brain barrier?” says Krystof Bankiewicz, MD, Ph.D, professor of neurosurgery.

The next phase of mechanistic health thinking has to do with the molecular delivery of chemicals to targeted, specific receptors that are absorbed readily into the brain.  


5. Insight into biology of mental illness

“Serious mental illnesses are not fundamentally different from heart disease, cancer or epilepsy — we just don’t understand them well enough yet," says Matthew State, MD, chair of the Department of Psychiatry.

In short,  the 'Age of Bioinformatics' will begin

“We want to turn drug discovery on its head. Instead of engineering a drug to target the unique mutations in a tiny subset of cancers, we start with the drugs we already have and find all the mutations they’re effective against,” says Sourav Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D, assistant professor of bio-engineering and therapeutic sciences.

All of this is conveniently building up to the tran-shuman future of 'the engineers' greatest dreams.  For those who don't know yet, the Trans-humanists are almost ready to rule the roost. The 2045 project has created milestones for progress in the pathway to trans-human paradise and this precision medicine of the future based on reams of data goes to show that we are just the nanobots from the future that your mother warned you about.

2045 project milestones

2045 isn't too far away


Sound healing is an ancient art form that has been rediscovered by modern science.  Vibrational Healing uses physics to change the wave forms of matter in your body to allow healing and balance to take place.  The mind has an amazing lock on the body and it's processes, the soothing sounds of music have a parasympathetic effect on the nervous system that allows the subconscious mind to relax.  This is turn will allow the tissues and muscles to soften and in intense sessions, permanently alter their form to allow for intense deep change and healing to occur.  

Sound healing comes to us from ancient cultures like Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowl, Mantra chanting, Gong baths, sitting by a river, and many other sound immersive situations.  This ancient healing practice has now been solidified by the study of cymatics and quantum mechanics, as well as psychology and binaural beats.  Vibrational medicine and Sound Healing are the treatments of the future because of their non invasive and therapeutic properties, with little to no side effects.

Join us as we discover and uncover the way that sound effects our everyday lives, helps us to stay healthy and solves the problems of health and wellness that drugs and pharmaceuticals are unable to overcome.