The resurgence of what could be termed 'mental breakthrough molecules' from legitimate and respected sources shows how 2016 is shaping up to be 'The Year of the Psychedelic Revival'.

In the dark years, over which many have suffered persecution for their psychotropic ways, chemicals such as LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, peyote, and ayahuasca have been vilified and demonized for their psychoactive effects and how they would cause the ingestee to have visions, supra-mental analytical thinking and auditory hallucinations of a divine nature, now researchers and technologists alike are praising these traits and their harbingers.

From MDMA to Psilosybin, researchers are once again exploring psychedelics for solutions to some up until now elusive cures to many ailments including anxiety, addiction, depression and PTSD.  Although stigmatized for the last four decades due to the War on Drugs and a misunderstanding of this special class of medicine, they are now making a resurgence in  Industrialized nations. As our fixation with the mechanical, orderly way of viewing the world caused these chemicals to be demonized and labeled as dangerous drugs, the tribal people of the world have been using them for centuries to understand more about their environment and it's available resources, often through a deep sense of reverence and communion with their surroundings that is brought on by the ingestion of these molecules.

Use of psychedelics goes back thousands years and is evidenced by the fact our brain cells can accept the chemicals in the cell membrane. This suggest to some that we somehow evolved from the use of these chemicals and there are even those that propose such a thing as the 'stoned ape theory'; that humans evolved from apes using psychedelics, such as the animita muscaria mushroom, among other things. Nowadays, researchers are focusing on ways to help cure the modern ills. PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other things common to industrial societies are beginning to be treated with psychedelic mind altering chemicals by reputable psychiatrists.

 MAPS(Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research Studies), is based out of Boulder, CO. and helps veterans with the symptoms from war, and trauma in general by administering MDMA and psilocybin in limited trial studies.  You can read a fascinating interview with the founder of MAPS here.  If you are unfamiliar with this man whom has been a pioneer in changing the perception of these molecules and their uses for the human mind,you must ingest more from Rick Doblin who also did an AMA which you can read here.

2016 is going to see a resurgence of this reality and realization that psychedelics can give us deep insight into the nature of our thought processes. How we think is important to making the right choices for ourselves and our environment.  Many would think, 'how does ingesting a mind altering substance actually help think about the problem situations?' The answer relates to synergy and the process of integration that happens when someone looks at the world through a deeper sense of connection and focus that happen on these 'drugs'. This can help us breakdown the barriers and make us more accepting of others in a way that helps to heal the past and forge a new future. Even the idea of taking small doses of LSD to promote problem solving has caught attention of serious players in finance and tech as evidenced by this article in Forbes. Hopefully groups like MAPS and others will help Psychedelic Therapy to become a common thing that helps to change this artificial way of thinking into one that helps people heal and grow.

Although this has been demonized in the past, due to both the strong and subtle effects of these substances, this class of pharmaceuticals is one that should be explored and not ignored.  With all of the different organizations that are beginning to acknowledge cannabis, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, ayahuasca, DMT, and other chemicals that alter our consciousness, we can be assured that we have safe and knowledgeable experiences.  Consider this piece from CNN on so-called 'Magic Mushrooms'.

The year 2015's love fest of the Grateful Dead reunion, was a coming of age for the culture that embraced psychedelics and the magic awareness that comes with these chemicals. The just 'do for yourself and others' awareness changed American culture in ways that could not be fully appreciated it until the long arc of history makes its way. The road has been long to get to this point and there have been many drug warriors who have needlessly suffering along the way.    Among them is William Lenard Pickard who was arrested and jailed for allegedly sythesizing LSD inside a missile silo in Kansas over 10 years ago. you can find out more about his case and support him at

As with all things there is a special set of publications dedicated to psychedelics research and information regarding your favorite chemicals among them is psychedelic times for all your favorite psy-fi information, where you can find great three interviews and research with all the leading thinkers on psychedelics and the human potential movement.

LSD and pschedelics in general have such a fascinating history and have been the secret ingredient in pop culture that has sparked revolution in the world.  Read more about the history and the players in an article in The Atlantic titled 'Reclaiming LSD for Psychotherapy'.  

“The brain kind of enters these patterns, pathological patterns, and the patterns can become entrenched. The brain easily gravitates into these patterns and gets stuck in them. They are like whirlpools, and the mind gets sucked into these whirlpools and gets stuck.” Robin Carhart-Harris, a psychedelics researcher at Imperial College London. 

 In this view, the brain goes through a de-fragmentation process when undergoing the effects of these chemicals, and the disassociation of the parts of the brain happens quite easily and naturally reassembles in a holistic way.  This is being supported by brain scan research and evidence from clinical trials involving LSD, Psiolosybin, MDMA, DMT, and other controversial chemicals.  All together 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the Psychedelic Revival.